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This class introduces dogs and their handlers to the sport of agility. Our Beginner Class teaches the dog and handler how to perform all obstacles with safety and work in short sequences. Whether your goal is to compete in agility trials or just have fun with your dog, this class will help you build a firm foundation. Dogs must be at least 6 months of age. Exceptions will be made if handler talks to instructor before signing up.

This class is for dogs that have completed Beginner 1 or the equivalent. Dogs and handlers will practice longer sequences and learn basic handling skills. Dogs must be at least 6 months of age.

This class is for dogs that have completed Beginner 2 or the equivalent or are under 1 year old. Dogs and handlers will practice longer sequences and learn to enhance their handling skills. To move to the Intermediate Class, dogs must perform off lead.

For dogs who have completed all Beginner classes and have not taken Intermediate or who are not ready for competition. You will practice maneuvers to help you prepare to compete in the Novice level of agility and familiarize you with ring etiquette as well as prepare you for competition. This is also for dogs under one and a half years.

For dogs and handlers who have completed the Intermediate class and can do all equipment at full height with no hesitation including jumps and the dog must be at least one and a half years old and be able to work off lead and be under control. This class will continue what you have learned in Intermediate and continue to prepare you to compete in all levels of agility.

Classes run six weeks and are held outdoors on the grass. Please dress appropriately. Each class is one hour long.

Please bring buckle collar, dog toys, dog treats, 6-foot leather leash, clean-up baggies, water, and a bowl to class.

Handlers who are enrolling more than one dog may take a 10% discount off their total fees. Please subtract when sending in your check.

Classes are limited to 12 dogs per class. There is a minimum of 8 dogs to have the class.

Directions are included (on class enrollment forms or click on our directions link to the left on each page) to the training facility at Bark Central in Weldon Springs or the EIM facility in Hillsboro.

During the season we will be offering Free Practices for students enrolled in our classes. Flyers will be distributed at classes.

Drop-ins are not allowed for Beginner 1, but are allowed in all other classes if space allows.

In case of inclement weather call 314-703-5119 for info on if classes will be held. Classes will be canceled no earlier than 1 hour before the first class is scheduled to start for the day and no later than 1/2 before actual class.

Private 1/2 Hour Lessons are available and will work on the individual needs.

Semi-Private Lessons are limited to 4 dog/handler teams and last one hour.

Private and Semi-Private lessons held Saturdays or Sundays after 12:30 p.m. or Wednesdays at 12:30 p.m. Call 314-703-5119 to schedule.