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Karen Winter started her full time agility training career in 1995. She has been competing in the sport of agility for 10 years.

Karen competes in agility with a variety of dogs and has titled Golden Retrievers, Shelties, Standard Schnauzers, Samoyeds, Great Danes and Border Collies. She has trained everything from Min Pins to Great Danes.

Karen has participated in seminars with top rated agility instructors: Terry Smorch, Bud Houston, Joan Meyer, and Guy Blanke.

Karen shows in both AKC and USDAA agility trials, as well as, AKC obedience.

Karen has titled dogs in AKC through Masters Excellent.

Karen has been an AKC agility judge since September 2000. She enjoys traveling and seeing dogs around the country compete and is able to bring this experience back to EIM students.

Sandy Primovic has been involved in a large variety of dog venues for over 18 years, competing in agility for 10 years, and an agility trainer for 8 years.

Sandy trains for EIM from beginner to the excellent level. She loves to see how the dogs progress from when they first begin up to the competition level.

She has Golden Retrievers and has titled them to the Excellent level in agility. Sandy competes in both AKC and NADAC agility trials. She has also titled or pointed dogs in Obedience, Confirmation and Tracking.

Sandy has been involved in seminars with top rated agility instructors: Terry Smorch, Bud Houston, Joan Meyer, Stacey Perdot, and Rachel Sanders.

Sandy says, "My purpose for competing in agility is not of the wins or the ribbons, but to form a bond of love with my dogs!".

Caren Rohlfing became involved in agility in 2000. She began her association with Excellence In Motion in 2001 and primarily trains with the beginner classes.

Prior to 2000, Caren's main interest was in obedience. She has taught obedience for over 25 years and currently teaches individual lessons primarly in utility. She has competed in obedience with several Miniature and Standard Schnauzers and obtained on OTCH with one of her Standards.

Caren currently has Standard Schnauzers that compete in agility. One competes in AKC Excellent, one is currently in AKC Open, and her third will debut in 2004.

Joan Braun has been an agility competitor for 7 years. She trains and competes with Beagles, Cocker Spaniels and Border Collies in both AKC and NADAC.

She started as a part time agility trainer with Excellence In Motion in 2000 and spends her weekends teaching beginner and intermediate classes.

Joan has attended many training seminars taught by top agility instructors like Joan Meyer, Stacy Peardot, and Rachel Sanders.

She enjoys training and competing with her dogs. Joan says agility is a great way to be active and be involved with your dogs.

Cindy Burrows has been taking training herself and helping with instructing classes part time at Excellence in Motion since 1999.

She competes in agility with her two Shelties, Cheyenne, who is working on her Excellent titles and Mickey, who just earned his Novice title.

Cindy also is the proud owner of a Greyhound that is a true couch potato and will not be making a debut on the agility field any time soon.

Cindy has attended seminars by top agility instuctors: Joan Meyer, Bud Houston and Terry Smorch.

Laurie Lo has been training bull terriers for 10 years and has taught agility for 5 years, She started instructing at Excellence in Motion in 2004.

She enjoys helping students meet the challenges that their dogs present to them. She likes to work with terriers, non-traditional agility and hard-to-train dogs.

Her oldest bull terrier, Buckeye, was awarded the Bull Terrier Club of America's first Versatility Excellent Award and has AKC titles in Open Jumpers and Excellent Standard. Buckeye was featured in Dog Fancy's magazine.

Her youngest, Gumption, is a work in progress. She is currently competing in the breed ring and trains in both obedience and agility.